Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Some Worry, Some Faith

Dear Readers,
Yesterday we learned that Mr. UT will need an operation to remove a large colon polyp.
We met with the surgeon, and she walked us through what needs to happen.

The polyp is large and close to the top of the colon, so it has to be removed by surgery.
This type is precancerous, and as she explained, it can hide cancer cells in it.
It will have to be biopsied when it is removed.

She will try to remove it with a scope, but chances are, it will have to be removed by cutting it out, as well as part of the colon.
The colon will then be reattached. 

This of course can have side effects, including problems with bowel movements, and a possible chance of leakage where the colon is reattached.

I am nervous.
Mr. UT is nervous.
I have been through 11 operations.
Mr. UT has only been through one, his tonsils out when he was a little kid.
He will have to stay in hospital for about five days, and it takes about a month before he can go back to work.
The surgeon did not give us a, "Oh, I probably can get it with the scope."
She wants to be careful because it is easy to poke a hole in the colon, and that is another reason she would cut it out.

Mr. UT gave me the go-ahead to write about this, which is pretty cool, since he is way more private than I am!
I wish he could have the operation soon, but it won't be until early October. 
So this just sits there, in the back on my mind.
I know the anxiety we feel is normal.

All we can do is trust that all will go well.

With a lot on my mind,
Wendy and Hubs

Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Our Wedding!
Dear Readers,
Yesterday was our 40th wedding anniversary!
Yikes! That's a long, long, long time!
Mr. UT and I are high school sweethearts, meeting in 11th grade.
We went steady for 7 years before getting married.
And here we are...47 long years later!

We celebrated by going out to dinner, golfing, and biking!
And eating ice cream!
I kept thinking we should be having a big party or something, but in the end, a simple celebration was perfect. 

One of the things I love about being sober, is that we are becoming more active again.  
We always used to go skiing, hiking, and camping.
We learned how to golf together, although hubs is way better than I am!
Biking to Minnehaha Falls 

Right now, my favorite activity to do together is biking.
I feel so free when I am on my bike!

When my drinking slowly increased, I found I was so focused on drinking or getting a drink, that much of what I thought about became, "When or where can I go to get a drink?"
Golfing became about getting beer. 
Skiing became getting a drink on the hill.
Then I would be so tired, and I would not want to do anything.
Friday nights became all about drinking.
Now, our Friday nights are about going for a walk.

We are, without a doubt, so much happier now that we are not drinking. This does not mean everything is perfect.
But it does mean we argue less, overreact less, laugh more, and love more deeply.

With Much Love on Day 718,
Wendy and Mr. Ut

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Happy Times

Dear Readers,
Last week was a time of celebrations.
My Cute Neighbor
It was my birthday, and I also celebrated 23 months sober! 

My birthday was filled with golf with a friend, coffee dates, a dinner date, and lots of love.
It was perfect.
I also did a dog walking for a neighbor's dog! 
I loved that! 
He's a cutie pie!

Flowers are filling my life right now. 
Hubs and I bought a beautiful planter, and I put vincas in it.
I also bought myself some yellow roses for inside the house, and I think that will be a weekly treat from now on.

I continue to work on my mind-set and self talk.
If I want the good things to continue in my life, I have to go get them.
I tend to discount the positives of doing something, and focus on the negatives.
I love to go a particular yoga class on Saturday morning, but when it comes around, I often talk myself out of it, saying, "It's too early, and I can't do it."
But when I go, I love it!
I see some wonderful yoga buddies, and my body feels good afterwards!

I can talk myself out of anything, because my first default thinking is, "It's too hard!"
I have been putting off writing this post, because I couldn't think of something to say, so today, after yoga, I just decided I would start typing. 

For those of you who are newer to my blog, I added a feature post that tells you why I stopped drinking. (It's on the right side of my blog page.)
I continue to get support from my yoga buddies and teachers, family, friends, and AA buddies.

I think it's important to celebrate this accomplishment.
Whether it's 1 day or 700 days, it's something to be proud of.
Every day I choose to stay sober, means I am choosing life.
It means I am choosing to make the world around me a little bit better.
It means big smiles from my cute hubs.
It means I am free.

With Flowers and a Fur Friend,
On Day 702,